Why does one of my AirPods die faster?

AirPod pairs are created with the same battery capacity. That means, when you charge them both full, they should die about the same time. However, that is not the case for many as one AirPod usually runs out of juice way before the other. As expected, there are reasons why such happens and ways to prevent it.

AirPods are usually designed to last for two years. However, that does not rule out the possibility that they develop issues within those periods. One of such problem you may encounter is one of the AirPods dying faster than the other. Luckily, most of those issues can get solved by following simple steps.

This quick read will show you possible reasons one of your AirPod would die faster than the other and ways to prevent that. Read through!

Why is one of your AirPods dying faster?

Most of the reasons why one of your AirPods is dying faster than the other are quite glaring. You will agree when you see all the likely causes listed below;

  • One bud gets used more than the other

If you love using a bud, instead of both every time, it may be that one is being used more frequently than the other. That is probably the most common cause of an AirPod dying faster. When you use only one of the buds repeatedly, it grows weaker than the second one. The battery capacity falls lower gradually as a result of the continuous use and makes the bud drain faster.

  • Damaged battery

There are many ways a bud could get damaged. It is possible that the AirPod dying faster has a faulty battery. Of course, if that is the case, the performance of such a bud will be lower than the other one. Even when you charge both buds for the same duration, the one with the faulty battery will still die before the second one.

  • Factory error

Error from the manufacturer is rare in any case, but it is not impossible. Although the odds are low, it may be that the AirPods do not have the same capacity right from when they were delivered. That usually happens when the manufacturers make a mistake while creating the products. If one bud has an error, it may have a lower capacity than the other and thus, die first every time.

  • Frequent mic use

Any AirPod that comes out of its charging case first gets the mic. Since that is the case, you may keep choosing one particular bud every time you bring them out in a day. That will cause the frequently chosen bud to use more battery to power the mic and drain faster.

  • Issues with the charging case

A faulty charging case may not power your AirPods equally. One of them may not get charged as much as the other. It may also be that there is debris clogging the port where the AirPods connect to the charging case. That means, when you use such unevenly charged AirPods, one will eventually go off before the other.

  • Old AirPod

Your AirPods cannot last forever. They have their limits too. Over time, the buds get weaker from use and inactivity alike and may not work properly as before. Since there is no particular rate at which the AirPods degrade, one may lose its charging power faster.

Tips to prevent one of your AirPod from draining faster

  • Try alternating the bud you remove out of the charging case first
  • Use up the power in both AirPod and charge together
  • Change the charging case when you notice it is not working as it should
  • Clean out the dirt in your charging port once in a while
  • Keep your charging case away from debris or liquid substances
  • Your AirPods should be replaced after 14 to 16 months because their batteries degrade overtime
  • Do not expose your AirPod to direct sunlight. That degrades the battery faster
  • Put your AirPods in the case after use so they can charge
  • Avoid overcharging your AirPod


Does one of your AirPods die faster than the other? The tips above can help you prevent such from happening the next time. Go through them again and apply the fixes that you think apply to your AirPod problem.

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