Can you charge Apple Pencil with your iPhone?

Yes, you can charge an Apple Pencil with your iPhone. However, that depends on the version of your apple pencil. There are currently two generations of Apple pencils. You can charge the first generation Apple Pencil with an iPhone, but you cannot do that with a second generation apple pencil. If you do not know … Read more

Why does my iPad say not charging?

Are you worried that your iPad is not charging? It happens sometimes, especially when plugged into a laptop or PC. It may also occur when you use the iPad charger for some reason. Luckily, situations like that have solutions that do not require spending extra cents. There are many reasons why your iPad may say … Read more

Why does one of my AirPods die faster?

AirPod pairs are created with the same battery capacity. That means, when you charge them both full, they should die about the same time. However, that is not the case for many as one AirPod usually runs out of juice way before the other. As expected, there are reasons why such happens and ways to … Read more